Metallic card

I bought a stack of card stock from a craft show and although they looked good, once I had them it was quite difficult to use them. They had a shiny metallic like surface which made it hard to stamp on and the colours were beautiful but hard to use. The cards I have succeeded … Continue reading Metallic card

Squircle Clean & Simple, not so simple

Today I decided to make  a birthday card for a boy, so I couldn't put butterflies or hearts or flowers on it...stereotype I know, cause he might have liked the butterflies, hearts and flowers! I could have just added a photo of of him and make it the central point but why do easy when … Continue reading Squircle Clean & Simple, not so simple

Christmas in April

Today was like Christmas for 2 reasons. Firstly, IT SNOWED!! It went from 18deg and hope of Spring 2 days ago, to -1 and snowing today. Luckily the day brought me presents too...loads and loads of it! Living in a small town in Germany, there's not a single craft store that carries dies and stamps, … Continue reading Christmas in April

Old dog New tricks

Since I stopped working almost 3 years ago (wow has it been that long!) I have had so much more time to pursue new activities. And like my mother who learnt how to swim at the age of 50 (and still does at 82), I too have acquired new skills since I turned 50 last year. I … Continue reading Old dog New tricks

Geeks rule the world!

When my son told me this joke (and explained it to me),  I just had to make a card with it as it was just so...CuTe! Yes I'm a mother of a geek, and proud to be, as one day he will rule the world! 😉 I dared him to give it to a girl...but … Continue reading Geeks rule the world!

Happy Birthday!

Today's my son's 13th birthday! He's a "teen"ager now, although I think the symptoms start at 10 nowadays..., and we received a letter from the German Health authorities who suggested we bring him to a (free) consultation to a psychologist, as this is a hard time for children, it seems.  Incredible! I know from experience … Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Hidden talents

Last night we were invited to the parents of a good friend for dinner. This was quite an occasion and an honour for us as we don't have many German friends, since we still don't speak the language very well, and all of our international friends are like us, with families scattered around the world. … Continue reading Hidden talents

Ines’s art

I came upon these paintings by my daughter Ines from when she was 6 years old when she was attending art classes once a week with her older brother. Although I thought they were exceptional at that time, now that I know a little bit more about painting and how difficult it is (for me … Continue reading Ines’s art

Scraps card

I have a huge pile of scraps in a box, consisting of figures I die cut that didn't go with the particular card I had in mind, or cards I painted/stamped/created and didn't like the overall effect in the end ( I have MANY of those)!  So today I gave myself a personal challenge to … Continue reading Scraps card

Small town, big village

When my hubby first mentioned that he had a great job opportunity in Ulm, Germany, I started looking up the city to see if i could live there. I found out that Albert Einstein was born here, that it has the tallest church steeple in the world...and it has a population of only 175,000! OMG! What was I … Continue reading Small town, big village