Christmas shaker card

With all the cooking I've been doing lately, I haven't had time to blog about my cards. So heres a quick one, as I also have a Halloween party with 30 guests to prepare for tonight! The die cut is part of the beautiful Mini Christmas Scene die cuts by Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions. … Continue reading Christmas shaker card

One Stop Stock

I love soup! I love making it and I love eating it! It is my be all and end all element, as it can be a meal in itself, eaten with rice or noodles, or a basis for other dishes when used as a stock. In fact when I make a pot of chicken soup, … Continue reading One Stop Stock

Quick and Easy Ginger Chicken

After blogging about food from home yesterday, I was literally drooling and homesick for a taste from the past. As it was already 19h on a Sunday evening, I didn't have hours to prepare something complex. Also, apart from "salad stuff", which is pretty useless in Singaporean cooking, I only had 2 whole chicken legs … Continue reading Quick and Easy Ginger Chicken

Singaporean cooking

I've been meaning to start the food part of my blog for sometime now, but never seem to get round to doing it. After my short but inspiring visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair though, my enthusiasm to do it has fired up again, so heres my first post! What has my visit to the … Continue reading Singaporean cooking

Congratulations Cinthia!

I'm writing this post in the car, on my way to Frankfurt to the largest book fair in the world.  Besides my love for books, this fair is extra special. My dear friend Cinthia, who is a talented published author, is having her books featured at the fair and we're going to celebrate this special … Continue reading Congratulations Cinthia!

Stop Domestic Violence!

Did you know that women between the ages of 15 and 44 are more likely to be injured or die as a result of domestic violence, than through rapes, muggings and car accidents combined! I learnt that through a very brave crafter/blogger, the talented Becca Crugar of Damsel in Distress. She is trying to raise … Continue reading Stop Domestic Violence!

Glittery Xmas tree

I am on a roll! I've made 4 Christmas cards already, but I am still 10 cards behind for this week as I wanted to send back a bunch to my family in Singapore, through a friend who'll be going there on...Thursday! So I'll have to turn myself into a mini Santa workshop and start … Continue reading Glittery Xmas tree

Card making process

This card took me more than a week to finish. It is also only my third attempt, I think, of creating a mixed media card. The reasons it has taken so long are: 1-I had no idea what I wanted to do with it.                       … Continue reading Card making process

1st Christmas card!

Its only October but I decided I would have to start making Christmas cards if I want to have enough to give to friends AND have enough to sell them at my first market participation! Yes, I will be testing my cards out to see if they are good enough to be sold in a … Continue reading 1st Christmas card!

Breast Cancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Everyone should check themselves monthly, (men too as breast cancer do strike men) and if you would like to know how to check yourselves, click here. I have been making many magnectic cards and ribbons to give to friends … Continue reading Breast Cancer awareness month