Santa & his Reindeers

I really enjoyed making this card. I had fun colouring the minuscule images of Santa and his Reindeers and I felt liked a little kid again while doing so! I now understand why people take so much pleasure colouring in those Zen books. I think much has to do with it bringing us back to our … Continue reading Santa & his Reindeers

Book Marks

My sis posted a book club thingy on Facebook the other day. If you liked her post, you send your favourite book to someone she lists and you in turn get books from stangers around the world! I sent someone "The Four Agreements". Its one of my favourite books and I wish I had discovered it … Continue reading Book Marks

Shadow boxes and more

I was at the Creative Fair in Stuttgart last week and came back with a ...Silhouette cutting machine! It cuts all shapes, even ones downloaded from internet and self drawn images! I bought it mainly for text, as I can never find the right text I want. But what I discovered I could do with … Continue reading Shadow boxes and more

Washi tape baubles

I know I have been MIA in the blogosphere lately but only because I have been busy creating cards...and Singaporean food!  But lets talk about the cards first. I'm going a little crazy cutting baubles with my Tonic Studio's Rcocco's die from layered washi tape. The sentiment above is from Penny Black and the self-adhesive … Continue reading Washi tape baubles

Ines’s drawings

Going through some stuff lying in a corner shelf, I came across some of my daughter's paintings she did a few years ago. Ines used to do a lot of painting between the ages of 6-8, probably because that was when I put her in art classes when we lived in France. This is her proudest … Continue reading Ines’s drawings

Shiny Holly

Here in Germany, people are already starting to make hundreds of Christmas cookies so that they will be ready for the start of Advent, which is the first of the four Sundays before Christmas, so 27th November this year. I will try to make cookies this year too, but gluten free ones! So anyone who … Continue reading Shiny Holly

Geek is the new Sexy!

Is it because I am a mum to a geek and I'm married to an engineer that I think being a geek is actually cool and that geeks do/will rule the world? I really do hope so as the geeks I know are kind, obviously very intelligent because they are curious and constantly analysing and … Continue reading Geek is the new Sexy!

Give Thanks

This year, a good friend of ours has invited us to their Thanksgiving dinner, and we feel very privileged to be allowed to share this important celebration with them. Not being American, I looked up the history of Thanksgiving. I always thought Thanksgiving was a celebration of immigration success (the first immigrants giving thanks to … Continue reading Give Thanks

More Xmas cards!

All I can think about at the moment is getting my Christmas cards done in time to be sold at my first public sale! I do think that I will have to start mass producing some designs soon, but not yet! This one looks simple but it was certainly not easy to make. Only because I … Continue reading More Xmas cards!

1st Baby Shower

Today I attended my very first baby shower in 51 years! After having had 3 kids and with friends who too have many kids, this was actually a surprise to me when I realised it. Then I remembered that people didn't have baby showers in France, which is where I spent my "baby raising" years. We … Continue reading 1st Baby Shower