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The Pursuit of Happiness

Or... What do you want from life. This question has not been on my mind for sometime. I guess it must be because I had everything I needed and was doing everything I wanted. My situation has not changed, but lately I've been asking myself this question, so something inside me has shifted. Its probably… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

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Pain before Pleasure

Who would want to put pain before pleasure you might ask but many of us actually do it. I'm not talking about anything sexual here, just life in general. Some do it out of necessity, like having to go to work so that they can afford to do what they love. Or others like me,… Continue reading Pain before Pleasure

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Back to Painting

Its been 3 longs months that I haven't painted! The house move killed my mojo I think and although it was always at the back of my mind that I should get back to it, it wasn't till I started feeling a little depressed this week, that I knew I had to get out my… Continue reading Back to Painting


Small town, big village

When my hubby first mentioned that he had a great job opportunity in Ulm, Germany, I started looking up the city to see if i could live there. I found out that Albert Einstein was born here, that it has the tallest church steeple in the world...and it has a population of only 175,000! OMG! What was I… Continue reading Small town, big village

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Housewife & Work life

25th July 2014 Housewife and Work life After one year of being a full time mother and housewife, I have come to the desperate conclusion that it is not so different from being in the corporate world! To start with, The job: In the beginning you might have been vaguely informed of what was expected of… Continue reading Housewife & Work life