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Calling All Sistahs- Encouragement Challenge

Its our second Encouragement Challenge over at the Calling All Sistahs blog and we have this fabulous Inspiration pic to fire up your creativity! The idea of these monthly Encouragement challenges, is to make a card for someone who might need a little lift because they are going through a rough time due to illness,… Continue reading Calling All Sistahs- Encouragement Challenge

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1st Painting Lesson

The last time I took a painting class, it was in school where I tried to make an apple look more than a round object with a twig on the top...and I failed miserably. Since then, I have always considered myself useless at creating anything with a pen, brush, crayons or anything else where my… Continue reading 1st Painting Lesson


Ines’s drawings

Going through some stuff lying in a corner shelf, I came across some of my daughter's paintings she did a few years ago. Ines used to do a lot of painting between the ages of 6-8, probably because that was when I put her in art classes when we lived in France. This is her proudest… Continue reading Ines’s drawings


Ines’s art

I came upon these paintings by my daughter Ines from when she was 6 years old when she was attending art classes once a week with her older brother. Although I thought they were exceptional at that time, now that I know a little bit more about painting and how difficult it is (for me… Continue reading Ines’s art



After a month of not painting (because I'm heavily in to my new passion, card making...) I decided to start again because a friend wanted to see how I did my smearing paintings! Wow! I was so touched that someone would want to learn from me so how could I say no right?! We spent… Continue reading Aliens


Painting Frenzy

Sorry I haven't written in a while but I have been painting up a storm! I now understand how "real" painters can be absorbed for hours just painting, painting and painting without eating or sleeping and surviving just on wine or other forms of alcohol (which obviously they did not consume with moderation...). Unlike those… Continue reading Painting Frenzy


Learning to Paint

4th February 2016 I now understand the notion of letting emotions create your work! After reading some basics on Best Abstract Painting techniques I decide to be brave and start using paint brushes! (normal house painting brushes by the way!) I tried their beginner method, of painting my favourite colour on multiple canvas, then adding a… Continue reading Learning to Paint