1st Painting Lesson

The last time I took a painting class, it was in school where I tried to make an apple look more than a round object with a twig on the top...and I failed miserably. Since then, I have always considered myself useless at creating anything with a pen, brush, crayons or anything else where my … Continue reading 1st Painting Lesson

Just one little Fri-die

I have this pile of gatefold cards I bought a year ago at a craft fair, with a fantastic idea of what to do with them, but obviously once I got home, I couldn't remember why I bought them! To make matters worse, they are shiny card stock, so not possible to do any blending or … Continue reading Just one little Fri-die

Kisses Birthday card

I made this card late one night, when my daughter came to me and asked for a birthday card for her friend, who was having her birthday the next day! And oh by the way, can she have a card with lips on it! So I left my comfy spot on the sofa and made … Continue reading Kisses Birthday card

Enjoy the little things

Since we arrived in Germany 3 years ago, this is the first time I've spent the whole summer at home,  and I enjoyed every minute of it! The kids were away in Spain for 2 weeks, so I did have a little "holiday" and partied like crazy! 🙂 Once they were back, after the cooking … Continue reading Enjoy the little things


I wish I could paint like a real painter... with brushes and paint. I'm sure if I started learning how to, I might be able to draw/paint something which remotely resembles what I had in mind... but since I don't have the patience to go through hours of painting lessons, making cards with stamps and inks … Continue reading Watercolour

Willkommen in Ulm!

My husband's uncle and his family are here visiting us from Spain for a week and as this is their first time in Ulm and in Germany, I made them a Welcome card. We have in Ulm, a church which is the tallest in the world, at 162m, called the Ulm Munster, and there is also … Continue reading Willkommen in Ulm!