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Its summer in Ulm!

Yes! After the long cold winter, summer has come early to Ulm! Since the beginning of June, we have been having sun and temperatures up to 30deg C! I'm already so tanned just spending late afternoons swimming in our neighbourhood lake, after the kids come out of school. Heres a pic of me and the… Continue reading Its summer in Ulm!

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Calling All Sistahs- Encouragement Challenge

Its our second Encouragement Challenge over at the Calling All Sistahs blog and we have this fabulous Inspiration pic to fire up your creativity! The idea of these monthly Encouragement challenges, is to make a card for someone who might need a little lift because they are going through a rough time due to illness,… Continue reading Calling All Sistahs- Encouragement Challenge

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Colouring with Zigs & Prismacolor

I made these 2 cards late one night when inspiration hit me just before I was going to bed. I get most of my inspirations at night so I end up sleeping too late and then I'm tired the whole day and lose my mojo... Why can't I wake up in the mornings and cry… Continue reading Colouring with Zigs & Prismacolor

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Easy flower water colouring method

First of all, let me make it clear that I am no expert in water colouring, having only just started. So the following tips I am giving is not advice from a specialist, just a way I found to do some easy water colouring on the flower stamps I have that might help you start… Continue reading Easy flower water colouring method

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And so the adventure begins…

Yes its Graduation time and even though my kids are still a few years away from graduating from high school, some of my friends have their children graduating this weekend. As our kids attend the International school here, those graduating, even the Germans, will probably be leaving Ulm. They will go to a university somewhere… Continue reading And so the adventure begins…

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Congratulations Mathea & Maddy!

I'm heading off to Italy now, right after I write this post, to watch my talented nieces play in a violin competition in Fermo, Italy. They have flown all the way from Singapore, with their parents (my brother & my sil), to take part in this prestigious competition, and for me they are already winners.… Continue reading Congratulations Mathea & Maddy!

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Built from the Fire

Does a name build a person or does the person build the name? I wonder cause I was given the Chinese name, which I was told, means Phoenix. The legendary bird that is rebuild from the ashes. I have gone through some personal hardships and big changes in my life, but I always managed to┬árebuild… Continue reading Built from the Fire